Why Should an Independent School Belong to ISASA?

ISASA’s brand is a hallmark of high standards of educational and ethical practice. Quality, Values, Diversity characterise its membership. Not all schools can become members of ISASA because its conditions for membership are rigorous. These include on-site inspections and commitment to a code of ethical practice.

Quality: No matter its type or fee-level, an ISASA member school has been quality assured before it is admitted into ISASA membership, and every six years thereafter by the Office of Independent Schools Evaluations, Southern Africa (OISESA).

Values: ISASA schools have a strong values base and provide sound discipline in a structured learning environment where pupils learn the importance of hard work, personal responsibility and shared norms. Ethical education, community service and responsible citizenship are promoted among ISASA member schools.

Diversity: ISASA’s growing and diverse membership provides parents with a wide choice. Members represent all school phases (from pre-primary to post-matric). They include religious and secular, traditional and alternative, day and boarding, single-sex and co-educational, rural and urban, large and small.

Affordability: The wide range of fee levels among ISASA schools makes them increasingly affordable to many families.