Following on the foundations of our Playschool, each child at SAHETI Pre-Primary School is regarded as an individual with their own thoughts, feelings and potential. This holistic approach is based on our school motto “Know Thyself”.

Careful planning of play‐based learning creates opportunities for exploration, investigation, conversation and a platform for the development of essential 21st century skills. In this manner, every area of a child’s development is targeted through the enriched programme we provide.

Our teaching principles and beliefs remain firmly rooted in a framework of Hellenic traditions and values. We endeavour to remain ahead of developments in education and set dynamic and relevant standards for pre‐school education in our country. We believe learning should be meaningful, stimulate curiosity and build connections to prior knowledge and experience.

We recognise that a good parent‐teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success and view the journey in education as one we embark on together.

General Information
  • Founding Year
  • Religious Affiliation
    Greek Orthodox
  • Number of Terms
  • Lowest Grade
    Grade 000
  • Highest Grade
    Grade R
  • Number of Pupils
  • Average Teacher : Pupil Ratio
    1 : 25
  • Boarding
  • Tuition Fee (lowest)
  • Tuition fee (highest)

South African CAPS (IEB)

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