St Dunstan's College (Secondary)

Pre-Primary School Principal:
Mrs Abigail Smulders
Prep School Principal:
Craig McIlrath
High School Principal:
Michael McConnachie

About St Dunstan's College (Secondary)

At St Dunstan’s College we recognise how empowering good grades can be in the life of a young adult, and so we place a lot of emphasis on developing curiosity, perseverance, and stressing the value of hard work. But a truly great education is about much more than getting great grades. A truly great education is one that is rigorous and empowering, but rich in the immeasurable and values based. School should be a transformative experience, developing to the full each pupil’s unique giftedness including their intellectual, artistic, sporting, musical, spiritual, and social gifts, while ensuring that each grows to understand that serving and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life.

�Recognised as an exemplary Christian college nurturing principled, independent leadership.�

A leading independent, Anglican school under the auspices of the Highveld Diocese situated in Rynfield, Benoni.

Here you will find a teaching community dedicated to helping boys and girls grow into capable young men and women, with the confidence and courage to do the right thing, and the humanity to care about more than themselves. The St Dunstan’s College motto ‘I Serve’ provides inspiration for the school community to develop an attitude of servant leadership. Leadership through service philosophically underpins every level of school activity.

We believe that boys and girls should be inspired towards excellence, and we know that they excel best in an environment that understands and supports them. Our school community ensures that each pupil is known, valued, and appreciated. Efforts and contributions are recognised in ways that motivate to continually reach further and higher. As an Anglican school, everything we do at every level is informed by the teachings of Christ. Our objective is to be a centre of excellence that understands the value of the individuals that make up our community.


St Dunstan’s College is a school dedicated to the Christian values of service, humility, and love in everything we do and at every level of our institution. Our pupils strive for excellence in all aspects of their schooling including academic, cultural and sporting excellence. 

Sporting Excellence is about adding balance in proportion to academia.  It’s about teaching life-lessons and building lifelong relationships and friendships. Sporting Excellence is about enjoying sport, participating in a wide range of activities, entering games well prepared with a positive, competitive spirit, and winning (or losing) with grace.

A full range of sports activities are offered at St Dunstan’s College and there is most definitely a sport to interest every child at school.  Coaching is offered every day of the week from 14:30 – 17:00, with fixtures scheduled on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays.

The following sports are offered and coached at St Dunstan’s College:

Athletics, Biathle, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Waterpolo, Badminton, Triathlon, Equestrian, Cross Country

Sports that are not coached at the school but are offered and recognised as adding value are:

Dance, Fishing, Gymnastics, Martial Arts

Adding to the fun of sports, competitions and inter-house championships are held throughout the year too.  Correct supervision and keeping optimum health and safety standards are paramount at St Dunstan’s College therefore every sport has a supervision ratio of 1:15.  This also ensures that each student gets the maximum enjoyment from each activity.

Detailed School Statistics

School Phase: Prep School, High School
School Type: Co-Ed
Boarding: No
Religious: Christian Ethos (Anglican)
Founding Year:
Number Of Terms:
Lowest Grade: Grade 8
Highest Grade: Grade 12
Administration Fee:
Lowest Tuition P/A: 0.00
Highest Tuition P/A: 0.00
Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Number of Pupils: 494
Teacher/Pupil Ratio:

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