SAHETI School (Secondary)

High School Principal:
Mr Warwick Taylor

Tel: 0861 724 384
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Physical Address
Civin Drive Senderwood

About SAHETI School (Secondary)

Exploring individual potential

Whilst the High School remains committed to producing top academic results, each individual is encouraged to aspire to excellence in his or her particular field. Independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit are valued and supported.

An extensive selection of subjects is offered to meet the academic demands of senior pupils, while innovative education practice by the motivated teaching staff challenges pupils' potential and the development of higher order thinking. The Grade Controller system facilitates both a close working relationship with each pupil and monitors progress and development in the academics. Staff are available for academic support after school.

A comprehensive Life Skills programme focuses on vocational testing, career counselling and informative talks on issues that affect young people. Open communication is encouraged as part of the process, which aims to equip pupils with the wisdom to make informed choices on issues affecting adolescent life.


The culture of achievement at SAHETI is true to the spirit of excellence described by Homer in "The Iliad": "Always give of your best". Fostering a curiosity about the process of learning has become the cornerstone of SAHETI's success. Pupils are actively involved in the learning process, while taking responsibility for their academic growth and development. Throughout the school, commitment and a positive work ethic are highly prized qualities.

Classes at all levels are kept small, ensuring a high level of individual attention to pupils' needs. The learning environment is supported by dedicated specialist teachers who have undertaken to develop individual potential. Our aim is to prepare our pupils to make a difference and to accept the challenges of a global market.

SAHETI prepares its pupils for the internationally recognised Senior Certificate Examination of the IEB, where we consistently achieve excellent results. In addition to our unbroken 100% pass rate, the vast majority of our pupils achieve university entrance, and go on to excel in their chosen profession, both locally and internationally.

To ensure that our educators remain at the cutting edge of developments world-wide, ongoing staff development is a priority.


The emphasis in sport at SAHETI is on playing to the best of one's ability. We strive to develop our pupils holistically, using progressive methods to nurture individual potential. Expert coaching, as well as skills development is provided by full-time sport staff in a variety of sporting choices.

The development of the very best resources and facilities for sport is an ongoing priority. Facilities include: a ten-lane swimming pool (25m x 25m), rugby and soccer fields, tennis, netball, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a 400m athletics track.

Several pupils from SAHETI are selected for provincial teams every year, and many Sahetians have also represented South Africa at international level.


Term 1

Primary School pupils:Cricket- Boys

 Swimming- Boys & Girls

 Tennis- Boys & Girls


High School pupils:Basketball- Boys

 Cricket- Boys

 Tennis- Boys & Girls

 Swimming - Boys & Girls

 Volleyball- Girls


Term 2

Primary School pupils:Soccer- Boys

 Cross-Country- Boys & Girls

 Netball- Girls



High School pupils:Rugby- Boys

Tennis- Boys & Girls

Netball- Girls



Term 3

Primary School pupils:Athletics- Track & Field - Boys & Girls

 Swimming- Boys & Girls


High School pupils:Athletics- Track & Field - Boys & Girls

 Basketball- Boys & Girls

 Cricket- Boys

 Tennis- Boys & Girls

 Swimming- Boys & Girls

 Soccer- Boys & Girls

 Volleyball- Girls

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Bedfordview
City/Town: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
School Phase: High School
School Type: Co-Ed
Boarding: No
Religious: Greek Orthodox
Founding Year:
Number Of Terms:
Lowest Grade: Grade 8
Highest Grade: Grade 12
Administration Fee:
Lowest Tuition P/A: 0.00
Highest Tuition P/A: 0.00
Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Number of Pupils: 309
Teacher/Pupil Ratio:

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