Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng (Secondary)

Pre-Primary School Principal:
Luciano Antonio
Prep School Principal:
Luciano Antonio
High School Principal:
Mike Eisen
Head of School:
Melvin King

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Farm Morgenzon 261 JQ, Phokeng 0335

About Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng (Secondary)

Welcome to Lebone II


A truly South African school | Sekolo sa Aforika Borwa tota

Lebone II is a South African school with a royal heritage, grounded in Setswana culture and shaped by a consciousness of our African context. It is in this spirit that we celebrate difference, and are proud of a student and staff body that is truly diverse.


What makes us unique is our Royal Bafokeng heritage, our service to the community and our approach to education. Lebone II aims to provide the inspiration, education and opportunities that positively influence the Royal Bafokeng Nation and the world.


Our learning environment is dynamic, innovative and creative. We equip our students with the skills, tools and mindfulness necessary for them to complete their academic careers and make a positive contribution to their communities, South Africa and the rest of the world.

Be part of our Lebone family

A holistic offering | Re neela thuto e e akaretsang tsotlhe

At Lebone II, every child is known and taken care of. We focus on all aspects of our students’ well-being, combining academic excellence with a comprehensive cultural and sporting programme, as well as pastoral care. Our excellent teaching and boarding facilities further enhance this, and the school allows children to learn, live and grow in an uplifting environment.


Achieving academic excellence | Dithuto tsa maemo a kwa godimo

Lebone II is a research-driven school where high-quality learning programmes are developed in line with international best practices. Ours is a school that encourages curiosity and experimentation while following the example of some of the best educational institutions around the world. We are focused on achieving excellence and our alumni have a strong track record of success. Lebone II’s staff members are an exceptional group of experienced education specialists dedicated to improving education in our school, community and country.


Our values are essential and enduring guiding principles that define how we treat others and the life we wish to create. | Melawana ya rona ya botlhokwa e e re kaelang, e re lemosa tsela ya gore re tshole ba bangwe jang; le ka botshelo jo re batlang go bo aga.

Our values shape the purpose and reality of our school. We not only communicate them – we live and teach them. In addition to equipping our students with skills that will provide them with a solid academic foundation, we teach them our values to foster a sense of belonging at Lebone II, where they support and have respect for one another and the broader school community. 

Be part of our community

An inspiring campus | Lefelo la boithuto le le nonofatsang

Our school was built to foster a sense of community. We designed the school to take on the shape of a village, where departments are defined as neighbourhoods and the space between is communal and social. We believe that everyone at Lebone II belongs with us and can be uplifted by us, and we welcome them compassionately.


Part of our community | Re maloko a morafe wa rona

Lebone II was founded to inspire, uplift and serve our local community. We have an opportunity to improve the education landscape in and around Phokeng, and we serve as a resource for other local schools. We’re keenly conscious of our impact on our community, and our students and educators are deliberate in initiating community development and outreach programmes that ensure we help our community and remain in touch with its needs.


A home at Lebone | O na le legae mo Lebone

Lebone II College’s boarding facilities are a home away from home, for students from Grade 7 upwards. Our apartment-style boarding houses provide students and staff members with comfortable living and communal spaces, and students  enjoy a structured, supervised and safe environment to complete their education. Lebone II is not a traditional boarding school – there’s a concerted effort to ensure that students are appropriately engaged through sporting activities, and community and environmental initiatives. The boarding houses have committees, spearheaded by the students, that oversee sporting, academic, cultural and community service activities. These activities, which include trips, form part of the boarding schedule that students adhere to over weekends. We place a high importance on community service in particular, to sensitise our students to the needs of their society.


At Lebone II we encourage our students to embrace a well-rounded life by providing them with the time and support to pursue a variety of activities. Our spacious campus and impressive natural surroundings allow us to host a number of prestigious sporting and cultural events.


Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of sporting interests. This provides the opportunity to teach valuable lessons about teamwork and to develop a healthy attitude towards competition. Sporting and cultural activities available to Lebone II students include athletics, swimming, netball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, cross-country, ballet and chess. As part of the local clubs in and around our community that our students have access to, some also participate and excel in activities such as judo, TSKKIA karate, horse riding, and acro and hip-hop dancing.


All Upper School students participate in extracurricular GEAR (grow, explore, achieve, react) subjects for two afternoons per week. Students register for their choice of subjects each term, which include Digital Design, Robotics and Automation, Ohm’s Alley, Choir, Computer Club, First Aid, Community Service, Visual Art, Theatre Sound and Lighting, Marimbas, Chess, Environmental Club, Cooking, Coding, Aeronautics, Leadership Development, Advanced Languages, Mathematics, Sign Language, Drama, Reading and Christianity/Spirituality.


Dramatic Arts is a popular subject at Lebone II College. Students are exposed to the Dramatic Arts from the Lower School and they can take it as a full-time, specialist subject through to matric. The subject covers the history of theatre and the practical application of dramatic principals, and also looks at all the technical aspects of theatre, from acting to costume and set design, make-up, lighting, sound and production elements. It equips students with creative, problem-solving, conflict-resolution and communication skills. Elements of the subject such as sensory and emotional perception, and emotional intelligence promote self-confidence, while the historical and philosophical components are vital for a 21st century student.


Music is an integral part of school-life at Lebone II College. The music department is situated in the heart of the school to ensure that music is heard everywhere throughout the day. The department offers tuition in a wide variety of instruments by 7 specialist music staff members. We offer individual lessons to students from Grades 3 to 12 in the following instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Viola, Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Music students receive one 30-minute lesson per week and advanced students, who will be examined by an external board, receive one 45-minute lesson per week. We offer Music as a subject from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Our students enjoy success in this study area and many have gone on to study music at tertiary level.


Artistic expression and creativity are central to Lebone II College. Subjects such as Visual Art and Design ensure that our students enjoy a rich and varied subject offering that equips them with diverse skills.  We offer Visual Art as a subject that students participate in from Lower School and can take as a full-time subject in the Upper School through to Grade 12. The subject involves theory and practical elements and is essentially a double-volume subject because both components require many hours of work. By the time students complete Grade 12, they’ve learnt about the theory element, from early modernism to contemporary and conceptual art in South Africa, and have a portfolio of work they can use when applying to study further. Lebone II students who take Design as a subject have a competitive edge because universities and employers understand its value as a problem-solving subject. Design prompts students to identify problems in their communities, come up with solutions and improve the quality of life.


In Grade 10 we expose students to the international community through the school’s Exchange Programme. Through this programme students have an opportunity to travel internationally, and this enables them to engage in dialogue with the world and other schools on the continent. The programme allows students to immerse themselves in other cultures; in some instances, they live with host families and participate in cultural festivals. They also attend and participate in conferences and a United Nations lead dialogue forum. Our exchange programme covers six countries – France, Ghana, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States of America. 

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Phokeng
City/Town: Rustenburg
Province: North West
School Phase: High School
School Type: Co-Ed
Boarding: Yes
Religious: Christian Ethos (Multi-Faith)
Founding Year: 1998
Number Of Terms:
Lowest Grade: Grade 8
Highest Grade: Grade 12
Administration Fee: 1000.00
Lowest Tuition P/A: R78540.00
Highest Tuition P/A: R88000.00
Lowest Boarding Price P/A: R89880.00
Highest Boarding Price P/A: R89880.00
Number of Pupils: 424
Teacher/Pupil Ratio: 25:1

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