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Grayston Preparatory School (Primary)

Grayston Preparatory School celebrated its 18th year as a co-educational independent school in January 2012.  At Grayston Preparatory School, we do our best to place the needs of each and every child as a priority.  The School follows the principles of Outcomes Based Education, firmly believing in the benefits our learners derive from this cross-curricular, problem solving and co-operative approach.  We offer education from Grade 000 (children turning 4 years old in that year) to Grade 7.


Grayston Preparatory aims to develop children who are independent learners, critical and creative thinkers.

The school embraced the THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) programmed as the basis for all literacy learning.  Paired with this programme, the school uses a basal reading programme to enhance the development of reading skills.  A constructive approach to mathematics teaching and a focus on problem solving is adopted throughout the school. 

We use a class teaching strategy until the end of Grade 3, where learners remain with the respective class teacher for the majority of learning other than Art, Information Communication Technology, Physical Education, Music and Zulu.  We employ specialist teachers for those particular aspects of our children's education.  In Grades 4 to 7 we use a subject teaching strategy where learners move to the respective teachers' classrooms.  This allows the children the benefit of subject teaching in an environment in which the pupils are comfortable, as preparation for high school.

As the pupils progress through the school, they are introduced to various educational talks and outings, in order to enhance the classroom experience and educational process. 

History & Values

At Grayston Prepartory School, our primary aim is to encourage each pupil to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive, well-rounded character with an independent mind.  A balanced programme of rigorous academics, sport and cultural activities enable pupils to discover and expand their own talents in a personal and diverse community, such that the children embark on their adolescent and high school years with confidence and knowledge.  Education, citizenship, diversity, participation and personal development are the underpinnings of the School and provide the foundation for each pupil's growth toward becoming a responsible adult.


Grayston Preparatory School is proudly South African.  Our School crest has significant historical meaning that you may find interesting.  Prior to privatisation on 1 January 1994, the school operated as a public school known then as Sandown Primary School.  Originally the school was located in Sandown where the Sandton Library is now situated.  The increase in enrollment numbers prompted the authorities to move the school to the existing site nearly thirty years ago in 1977.


Sandton as we know it today did not exist back in the sixties.  The area then was predominantly farming land.  The school was built on a portion of land that included stables and a river (running through Strathavon).  The School's crest was designed not only to reflect the location of the school but also the involvement of the parent, learner and teacher in the education of our children and future generations to come.  Our unique crest was registered with the department of Heraldry in 1993.


The three stars represent the parent, learner and teacher.  Note that the centre star (the child) is positioned higher than the other two demonstrating the importance of the child. The horse signifies the location, the original Grayston stables. The river strategically placed under the horse figure signifies the river that runs through Strathavon bringing new life to the community.  Our school motto, Ad Futura, translates into "Towards the Future".

Grayston Preparatory School proudly goes forward, "Holding the Hand that Holds the Future". 


At Grayston Preparatory School the balance between competition, enjoyment and participation is the goal of the overall programme. A wide range of sporting and cultural activities is offered such as cricket, football, tennis, netball, swimming, athletics, cross country, T-ball and softball, chess, art, choir, Orff bands and Marimba bands.


Sport will remain an important part of a child's education for many years to come and therefore it is compulsory for pupils to take part in a minimum of one or two sporting activities per term and a wide choice is available.  Children in Grades 1 and 2 are expected to participate in at least one afternoon of sporting activity per week. Children from Grades 3 to 7 are expected to participate in at least two sessions of co-curricular activities for per week, one of which must be of a sporting nature.


Exemption on medical or other grounds may be granted by the Headmaster.  While participation in sport is physically beneficial it is also important that enjoyment is a major feature.












Cross Country



Outside specialists also offer Ballet, Karate, Golf, Rugga Kids, Playball and Monkeynastix as optional extras on the school campus.


Music is offered on two levels: as an extra-mural activity, with individual lessons and participation possible in a wide variety of instruments, and as a formal subject from Grade 000 to Grade 7.  The Recorder is a compulsory instrument from Grade 4 to Grade 7 during the formal classes.  Grayston Preparatory offers Junior and Senior Prep Choirs, Orff Bands and Marimba Bands where participation is part of the extra mural activity programme.  


The Aftercare and Holiday care programmes for Grade 000 to Grade 7 are co-ordinated by experienced staff and cater for those parents who require supervised after school care for the children.  Our Aftercare facility is offered at the School on a daily basis and also during the school holidays.  Aftercare is closed for 3 weeks during the December holidays and on National holidays.  It is open from 13:00 to 17:30 during the term and between 07:30 and 17:30 during the school holidays.  Learners must be collected personally and signed out from this facility.  The facility offers organised recreational activities and supervision of homework by student staff. 

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Sandton
  Lowest Grade: Grade 1   Boarding: No
City/Town: Johannesburg
  Highest Grade: Grade 7   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R43673.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R55242.00   Curriculum:
Religious: Multi-Faith   Administration Fee: 350.00   Teacher/Pupil Ratio: 1:24
Number of Pupils: 507   Founding Year: 1994   School Phase: Pre-Prep School, Prep School

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Grayston Preparatory School (Pre-Primary)

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Pre-prep School Principal:
Mark Hayter
Prep School Principal:
Mark Hayter

Contact: Tarryn Payne
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