What kind of friend are you?

What kind of friend are you?

Our friendships are solidified most times in our youth and it’s nice to have a companion with you in life as you go through the growing pains. It’s a time where you share everything and go everywhere together.

Whether you have only one friend or many, as much as you might have common interests within your friendship, the thing that makes your friendships interesting is that you and your buddies are typically not the same person. Here’s a list of five different types of friends, try see if you can spot which one you are or your friend/s is.

The Cheerleader

As a friend your best asset is your sense of humour, with your witty retorts you often make the people around you feel much better about their problems. You have the ability to make your friends smile even when they stuck in the Karoo with no petrol.

The Judge

You’ll even frighten Simon Cowell from Idols fame. You are the queen of criticism and you don’t think twice about telling your friend her jeans are too tight. Buttering someone up is not your strong point and your remarks often yank your friends back to reality.

The Advisor

Your friends run to you when they need advice. You’re the friend they trust the most and you know everybody’s little secrets. Everyone knows you don’t run away when the heat gets turned up and you have been through some tough times with your friends.

The Fashionista

You are every best friend’s personal style guide. You spend your free time with your nose in fashion magazines and you regularly help your friends to transform their fashion bloopers into fashion success. You can answer any style related question in your sleep.

The Social Butterfly

You are the butterfly who can’t say ‘no’ to a social event and you think nothing of attending social events every night of the week and you invite your friends to every gathering. Without you a party is just not the same and that is why your friends just can’t leave you alone.

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