The Bu-zzz-iness of Bees (entrepreneurship, Young Minds, Profile)

The Bu-zzz-iness of Bees (entrepreneurship, Young Minds, Profile)

Blessed Bees Africa was founded by Farai Chinomwe when a swarm of a bees found its way into his music drum transforming it into a giant honeycomb upon looking for a way to remove the bees he realised he can develop the bees into something lucrative as well as saving them.

Blessed Bees Africa is a small business based in Lyndhurst that specialises in beekeeping, and beehive management in the urban area and is registered with the South African Bee Industry Organisation.

Through his business Farai attends to the call of members of the public who need him to assist in the safe removal of bees from their properties. After collecting the swarm of bees from a client Farai places them in the boot of his car and transfers the bees to their new home of bee hives he owns. He also sells the honey he harvests from the bees to members of the community.

Farai has also been able to further develop and sustain his entrepreneurial skills through the Business Entrepreneurial Training programme. A programme run by Houghton based Jewish non-profit organisation, Ort SA, which runs for 18 months and is still ongoing and has equipped Farai with much needed business skills that include record keeping and pricing strategies.

And recently Farai further proved his dedication as a beekeeper when he completed this year’s Comrades Marathon running backwards so as to raise awareness about the importance of bees in the environment. He ran in 11hr31m and was the first Rastafarian master beekeeper to do so. And this was nothing new for Farai who has run a number of short marathons and fun runs backwards, as well as the 2015 two oceans marathon 56km race.

All funds raised will be used to establish managed urban hives and training opportunities for the disadvantaged through Farai’s business, Blessed Bee Africa

Farai has managed to sustain himself with one of the most ancient livelihoods, and his thinking out the box mindset and a little bit of ingenuity has created Farai into a self-made entrepreneur who describes his business as his ‘wings of fortune’.

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