Studietrust, providing financial opportunities for further education

Public and Private sector partnerships all over the world have proven to be crucial in expanding equitable access to tertiary education. While the task of providing education to citizens is largely a Government responsibility, the role of the private sector can not be underrated. The private sector has the capacity to improve quality and relevance of an education system and increase funding opportunities. One organisation living up to this is Studietrust.

Further education loans
Studietrust is a civil society initiative that seeks to fight poverty in South Africa by empowering able but financially needy young people with opportunities for further education. Based on a foundation of strong Christian principles, this organisation has become a reliable and independent national bursary agency.

The organisations goals are to raise funds with the support of the private sector, individual donors, organisations, trusts and churches, to grant bursaries and loans to carefully selected and deserving young people as well as giving motivational guidance and support to students.

Studietrust achieves the above goals by offering bursaries which are categorised as Access Bursaries, Partial Bursaries and Full-cost Bursaries.

Access bursaries are smaller bursaries designed to give access to tertiary education, those who take this option are always advised to supplement the bursary with a loan or additional bursaries. Partial bursaries cover about 50% of the total cost of studying per year and the balance is covered through other financial means. Full cost bursaries cover all study related costs according to a formula prescribed by the donors.

For applications and queries, Studietrust can be contacted on 0114031632.

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