Student finance options available

Student finance options available

Student finance – It is the prerogative right of every child in South Africa to have access to education. As such, the government of South Africa should provide possible means of ensuring that every child has access to such right, most children often fail to attain education as a result of financial constraints.

Student finance options – With the absence of free education in a country that boasts of a rich and rising economy, it important to look at alternative sources of finance in South Africa.

  • Universal financial aid: Most South African colleges and universities award students with learning bursaries or grants to students who have excelled in secondary school studies. As such, students should confirm with the office to see whether they qualify and they should make an application before closing date, normally in October.
  • National financial aid: for students who are South African students, they qualify to apply for a National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) loan study facility at any tertiary institution in South Africa. The NSFAS is statutory board which was introduced by the Department of Higher education and Training.
  • External bursaries: South Africa has many companies which provide bursaries to promising students whose courses are aligned to their industries.
  • Student loans: South Africa‚Äôs major banks have loan facility that accommodates students thereby allowing them to borrow and repay within a specified period. This also applies for students who have valid study permits.
  • Bursaries for teachers: these are specifically designed for teachers and are offered through Funza Lushaka, a governmental funded bursary scheme aimed at promoting teaching in public schools. Students who are willing advance their careers within the teaching industry are a top priority and are allowed to apply for a full bursary which covers tuition, books and living expenses.

You can choose any of the above sources of finance as a means to fund your studies.

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