Still inspiring youth (Careers, education, mentorship)

Still inspiring youth (Careers, education, mentorship)

If you like many who were left wandering where are Hlelo and Ntando Masina, ‘the twins’ as they are affectionately known after they had made their home on popular youth station Yfm, The ladies are still very much around and still influencing the youth, this time through their Campaign For Girls (CFG).

It is an initiative that deals in the development of young girls by mobilising high-school girls and helping them find their passion, nurture it into a fulfilling livelihood, all the while being active members of society, working towards social change.

The campaign was launched in August 2010 and is still very much alive and kicking, stronger than ever might I add. And this year on July 4 at the Sandton Convection centre saw the twins continue to set a precedent by hosting their first ever annual Campaign For Girls Expo, which provides the same opportunities and experiences that the young women in their CFG programme have. If you missed it no stress will be an expo that runs annually and is open to a fixed target of young women aged 16-24.

After five year on air co-hosting their popular show Double Up, Hlelo and Ntando were the first and only twins at the time on South African commercial radio the girls also dabbled in television in  the form of their reality show all about their life called Blame it on Fame which aired on free to air channel eTV.

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