5 steps to becoming a confident better you (Youth help)

5 steps to becoming a confident better you (Youth help)

Confidence in life is everything as it can help open a lot of doors for you. Become an even better you by boosting your confidence here’s how.

Keep calm

It’ll help you appear as though you’re in control, which often times makes those in your presence feel relaxed to be around you. And as easy as keeping calm may sound some situations bring about anxiety where although you appear composed on the outside you most probably freaking out on the inside. Curb this with breathing exercises of inhaling in deeply then out slowly to help yourself refocus and remain calm.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Sometimes the burden of comments made from parents and teachers; even if they had a point at the time can damage ones confidence when growing up. Avoid this by understanding where they’re coming from with their comment, and rather view it as constructive criticism despite their sometimes harsh tone and delivery. Turn it around in your favour and see it as a learning curb on what it is you still need to work on but if it is just coming from a nasty place try keep a company of friends who are positive about life and you as a person.

Set your own goals and try to achieve them

That is a sure fire way to boost your confidence, and along the way if you stumble do not be afraid of failing as that is part of life’s learning curve of figuring out what not to do next time and finding what stands a better chance at winning.

Laugh at yourself

Believe it or not, it shows confidence as it is sometimes a way to diffuse the difficult or embarrassing situations we find ourselves in at times.

 It is really all about faking it till you make

And become the envy of your friends as you breeze through social situations or face challenges head on or not blush or become tongue tied when having to speak.

Confidence is a skill, an acquired skill and practice makes perfect.


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