South African breweries bursaries, designed for skills development

South African Breweries (SAB) is a business organisation whose community service initiatives are hard to march. Established in 1895, SAB is a subsidiary of SAMiller plc which is one of the worlds largest brewers by volume with more than 200 brands and brewing interests in 75 countries across six countries.

In South Africa, this business brand operates seven breweries and 40 depots in South Africa with an annual brewing capacity of 3.1 billion litres. While its products portfolio is glowing, SABS community service initiative of offering bursaries outshines everything else.

The SAB bursaries have been designed to be at the heart of the national skills development agenda.This financial facility focuses on giving financial assistance to talented and deserving South African students. Apart from the financial assistance, students are also afforded the opportunity to learn more about the world of work by participating in the resolution of real business challenges, through structured summer school or vacation work.The biggest benefit of this bursary is that once students have successfully completed their degrees, they are allowed to join SAB full-time as graduate trainees.

South African Breweries (SAB) bursaries focus can change from time to time depending on the countrys skills market and the SAB business need.

This bursary scheme can be counted on for skills development needs. SAB can be contacted on 0118818111.

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