Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills (Entertainment and Young minds)

Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills (Entertainment and Young minds)

The American reality series airing on DStv E, channel 124 called Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills (RKOBH) is now in its second season and is more than just a show highlighting the life of wealthy kids and here a four reasons why:

 The show is like a good story plot only better because it’s real

And provides an intimate look into the lives of the same group of friends as season one Morgan, Dorothy, Brendan, Johnny, EJ and Roxy which makes it familiar as we continue to get to know them a little bit better by allowing them into our living spaces by tuning in every Sunday as we follow their lives, friendships and their relationships of those close to them such as their family.

Not just for the fake and spoilt

As the show also shows that although having money may cushion the blow it doesn’t make you immune to life’s disappointments they go through the same experiences and hurts as everyone else of friendship and boyfriend break ups, mental illness within the family, bullying, social insecurities, life’s lessons, working and setbacks as professionals.

The show speaks the language of its peers

By infusing social media when they place #hashtags spread across the screen with every change of scene or situation to introduce what’s about to happen or display the actual Facebook (Fb) status updates of the characters as they typing them. And at the end of the show on screen you get to view the number of likes, views, comments and shares made on Fb while the show was airing.

It wouldn’t be RKOBH without the bling lifestyle

The show still offers a glimpse into what it’s like to be a member of America’s young and privileged through the rich kids’ ridiculous spending habits of designer handbags, cars and buying of homes and non-stop travelling. As well as their somewhat pretentious, sometimes snarky and witty comments here are two by Morgan, “If you have chipped nails it’s as if you have on dirty underwear,” and Dorothy “The only thing worse than getting married in Las Vegas is dying in Las Vegas.” Ouch!


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