3 Top Qualities You Should Have For A Career As A Manager

3 Top Qualities You Should Have For A Career As A Manager

Experts say managers need three very important skills to retain staff and run a profitable business.

And of all the skills the key element is soft skills, which are essential for a manager as proven in research from Stanford University, published in the Harvard Business Review.

The study indicates that a softer management style results in healthier and happier employees, lowering the heart rate, blood pressure and strengthening the immune system.

Bruce MacDonald, convener of the Programme for Management Development (PMD) at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) identifies the top three qualities any manager needs:

  1. Listening

Communication skills are vital for good managers, who should listen attentively and communicate properly, which often makes a huge difference to employees and how they relate to their manager and job. Knowing what people are saying takes a certain amount of psychological knowledge relating to the human dynamic and also requires managers to be more empathetic and accessible. But the positive spin-offs are huge – sympathetic bosses have more engaged and loyal employees who feel free to share opinions and ideas, as well as possible problem areas in the workplace.


  1. Acknowledging

A few words of acknowledgement are considered an effective tool for managers. Employees who get regular feedback and words of encouragement feel valued at work. This helps to keep them motivated and drives them to perform. Money is but a tiny motivator, adding that too many people think it is all about the money for employees. What keeps employees happy and engaged is feeling that the job they do is important, that their opinions matter, and that they have the opportunity to do their best every day.


  1. Motivating

The ability to motivate others is not as simple as it sounds. Inspiring employees to do great work, to come up with innovative ideas and give their best is about more than being a terrific orator. Instead, it’s about having high expectations and getting people to fulfil them without telling them how to do it.

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