3 steps to protecting your online presence (Tech and Youth help)

3 steps to protecting your online presence (Tech and Youth help)

We all have our moments to just want to vent or whether we feeling emotional about a certain situation and these days as people we broadcast our every move and feeling on our social media accounts. But some status updates you should curb the need to post and set the boundaries between your private conversations and your online brand.

If you are a young professional with a social media account then read up on the three don’ts when conducting yourself on the online social platforms.

Sharing negative feed about your current job

As harmless as it might have been for you to post a status updates that reads ‘bored at work’ or ‘dreading to go to work’ may seem. That comment is a bad way to brand yourself publicly in any industry as is the ultimate no, as it comes across as a jab of your current job, employers and work colleagues.


Posting how you sobbing over having broken up with your man as a status update really does not do anything for your professional brand. So rather stay clear of the Too Much Information #TMI status updates and keep those conversations on a personal level with you and your friends rather than digitally.

Posting party pics

Keep them tasteful, as posting pictures of yourself so out of it from partying at the beer festival is really a no brainer as to how that looks for your professional image.


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