National Film and Video Foundation, providing funding for the arts

The art industry is a big part of the South African culture and social fabric. It is therefore not surprising that there are various entities contributing to the growth of this sector, the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is one of them.

NFVF is an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture which was created to ensure the equitable growth of South Africa’s film and video industry. This is done by providing funding for the development, production, marketing and distribution of films and also the training and development of filmmakers.This funding is provided through national bursaries, international bursaries as well as funding for training providers.

National bursaries are tailored for individuals in order to support their full-time film and video or television related degree or diploma studies at an accredited institution within South Africa.This bursary which is given on a non repayable basis and paid directly to the respective training institution covers tuition and accommodation costs where available.This bursary covers 100% for the first year of study and 80% from the second year. Applicants must have completed matric and beneficiaries must apply in every academic year cycle and pass all modules for the academic year.

International bursaries are awarded to qualifying applicants for post-graduate film related programmes that are not offered in any local university.This bursary includes full tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation.

Funding for training providers is reserved for accredited training for new entrants, skills programmes for professionals already in the industry and workshops run by professional bodies. Applicant must be an accredited training provider and the training programme must address industry skills gaps.

National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) can be counted on for student funding in this sector. Contact can be made on 0114830880.

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