KZN Dept of Arts & Culture Internship Programme 2015

KZN Dept of Arts & Culture Internship Programme 2015

The Kwa-Zulu Natal department of arts & culture is offering the latest 2015 internship programme in various South African fields. These2015 government internships are available in different fields of study, so you can forward your application to any field of your concern. The KwaZulu-Natal dept of arts & culture internships can jump start your career and boost your level of experience in a short span of time.

Applications are invited from unemployed youth between 18-35 years of age, with relevant Degree/National Diploma. Successful interns will be expected to enter into a 12-month contract. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of about +R4 300.

Dept of arts and culture vacancies and careers usually remain available in South Africa. You may get jobs at KZN department of arts & culture after obtaining experience or a training certificate from the company.

It is of paramount importance to mention that after completing the KZN dept of arts and culture internship opportunities, you may get better jobs and career opportunities in future. If you are interested in the Government 2015 internship programme, you should have a look at the details and descriptions before submitting your application.

Internship Opportunities 2015 are available in the following fields of study (Please note that the DAC number is the Reference):

  • Financial Management or Supply Chain Management, DAC / 01,Pietermaritzburg (x4)
  • Financial Management or Accounting, DAC / 02, Pietermaritzburg (Budgeting)(x1)
  • Human Resources Management or Personnel Management, DAC / 04, Pietermaritzburg  (x4)
  • Civil Engineering, Quantity Survey and Architect, DAC / 05, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • Public Management, Political Science or Archival Studies, DAC / 06, Durban (Records Mgt)(x1) Public Management, Political Studies or Archival Studies, DAC / 07, Ulundi (Records Mgt)(x1)
  • Public Management, Political Studies or Archival Studies, DAC / 08, Ulundi (Repository)(x1)
  • Public Management, DAC / 09, Durban (x1)
  • Performing Arts, Drama, Music or Dance, DAC / 10, Pietermaritzburg  (x1)
  • Visual Arts, Craft, Fashion Design, Filming, DAC / 11, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • History & English, DAC / 12, Pietermaritzburg(Research) (x1)
  • History, Heritage Studies, Anthropology, DAC / 13, Pietermaritzburg(Collections)  (x1)
  • Musicology, Archaeology, DAC / 14, Pietermaritzburg(Conservation)(x1)
  • Public Management, DAC / 15, Pietermaritzburg(Administration)(x1)
  • Library Science, DAC / 16, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • Information Technology (A+ & N+), DAC / 17, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • Public Management, DAC / 18, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • Accounting, DAC / 19, Pietermaritzburg (x1)
  • Public Management, DAC / 20, Pietermaritzburg  (x1)
  • Library & Info Science, DAC / 21 Inkandla(x1)
  • Administration, DAC / 22, Pietermaritzburg  (x1)
  • Library & information science, DAC / 23, Durban (x1)
  • Visual Arts, DAC / 24, Ulundi(x1)
  • Performing Arts: Music, DAC / 25, Ulundi(x1)
  • Performing Arts: Drama, DAC / 26 , Ulundi(x1)
  • Public Management, DAC / 27, Ulundi(x1)
  • Arts, DAC / 28 Ladysmith  (x3)
  • Public Management, DAC / 29 Ladysmith  (x1)
  • Marketing & Communications, DAC / 30, Durban  (x1)
  • Information Technology or Computer/Information Science, DAC / 31, Pietermaritzburg(x2)
  • Journalism or Communication Science, DAC / 32, Pietermaritzburg(x1)
  • Journalism or Communication Science, DAC / 33, Durban (x2)
  • Web Development, DAC / 34, Durban (x1)
  • Graphic Design, DAC / 35, Durban (x1)
  • Photography, DAC / 36, Durban (x1)
  • LLB or Legal Studies, DAC / 37, Pietermaritzburg(x1)
  • Strategic Management, DAC / 38, Pietermaritzburg(x1)
  • Accounting and Auditing, DAC / 39, Pietermaritzburg (x1)

How to Apply for 2015 Internships at KZN Dept of Arts and Culture
All Applications should be submitted on form Z83 (to be download here), obtainable from any Public Service Department, stating the reference number, and should be accompanied by a motivational letter, Curriculum Vitae, proof of residential address, certified copies of qualifications (National Senior certificate and 3-year qualifications) and a certified copy of Identity Document. Only graduates who have not previously taken part in any internship programme are invited to apply.

All applications should be sent to: The Deputy Manager: Human Resources Utilisation and Capacity Development, Mr NZ Hlongwa, Department of Arts and Culture, Private Bag X9140, Pietermaritzburg3200 or hand delivered to 171 Boshoff Street, Pietermaritzburg 3201.

If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned above, you should apply online for the latest internship opportunities at the KZN Dept of Arts & Culture. If you are looking for the more details about the programme, you can have a look on the original advert at (KZN Department of Arts and Culture). After completing the internship-training programme, you will get more better job offers and careers. So don’t miss the chance, and apply for the recently announced internship programme.

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