Government scholarships for social workers, a first in South Africa

Government scholarships – Social work is the safety net of society. Social work is an established professional discipline which works with other professionals to play a key role in helping children, adults and families to take control of and improve their lives in conditions where security, safety or ability to participate in civic life are restricted. It’s because of this critical role played by social workers that the South African Government through the Department of Social Development started offering scholarships for social workers.

This scholarship is open to current social work students as well as prospective students who would like to enroll for a social work degree.The scholarship covers fees to do with registration, tuition, prescribed books, stipend for practicals and official accommodation by the university.

Applicants for this scholarship must be South African citizens, comply with the entry requirements set by the University and provide proof of admission by the University or a proof of payment for admission, complete the scholarship application form which is obtainable from the social work faculty at the University or from the Provincial Departments of Social Development.

Other accompanying documents include a CV, certified copies of grade 12 results, academic record, Identity document and parents or legal guardian identity document and their proof of income. Applicants for this scholarship must be prepared to enter into an agreement for counter service with the Department of Social Development.

At the end of the final fourth academic year, students must provide copies of their final results within one month after completing their studies in order to ensure placement according to the contractual obligations.

Department of Social Development can be contacted on 0123127500.

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