Fasken Martineau Winter & Summer Vacation Programme 2015

Fasken Martineau Winter & Summer Vacation Programme 2015

Lawyers earn much respect in the society; if you are one such person then an opportunity is awaiting you. The Fasken Martineau is offering the latest 2015 Winter & Summer Vacation Programme 2015 in Sandton. The vacation work programme will help candidates to increase their level of experience and expertise in the legal sector. The vacation offered for hard working and talented candidates.

The vacation is a starting point that will open up a lot of avenues in your career thus increasing your level of experience in a short period. It’s important to advise applicants that may get better jobs and employment in the near future if they complete the programme.

Job description
The company offers two vacation work programmes; the first during the June/July holiday (Winter Programme) and the second in late November. (Summer Programme) – The exact dates of each programme are yet to be finalised thus the company accepts candidates from South Africa’s leading universities who are in their penultimate (or later) year of legal studies. The winter programme lasts for 2 weeks while the summer programme lasts for 1 week; in which successful applicants are exposed to the different aspects of Fasken Martineau’s business in Johannesburg. All successful applicants are also guaranteed of having an interview for articles starting in 2017. Applications are reviewed regularly during the course of the year; and successful applicants will be invited to attend one of the programmes.

Required skills

  • A candidate must be registered as a student at a recognized South African University and enrolled in their penultimate year of study (e.g. 3rd year of an undergraduate law degree or 1st year postgraduate LLB) or later.
  • We do not accept first or second year law students.
  • Active involvement in all aspects of university life (i.e. leadership, sporting and community activities).
  • Above average grades.

Duties & Responsibilities
Successful applicants will work in one of Fasken Martineau’s practice areas and be exposed to current matters.
The closing date for this vacancy is 30th September 2015

How to Apply For Fasken Martineau Winter & Summer Vacation Work 2015: Training Opportunities in South Africa
If you are underdoing any legal studies, this is your good chance to join the Fasken Martineau through the vacation work opportunities. If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned above, you should Apply Online for the Latest Vacation Work 2015 that is a special training programme for the students with legal studies.

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