Essential tips for getting bursaries and scholarships

Essential tips for getting bursaries and scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships are much-needed financial avenues for thousands of students around the country. The market also has numerous scholarships, grants and bursaries available. There are however certain key tips many people seeking for bursaries can use in this process.

Identify all available funding – It is always a good idea to apply to as many funding bodies as possible. So initially identifying all of them goes a long way in increasing the chances of getting one.

Apply early – Many scholarship and bursary programmes have a series of interviews and tests which need to be completed before the start of the term. So applying early is always a wise thing to do.

Have a rough estimate of costs – Make sure you are organised with all the right documents in terms of anticipated costs such as transport, accommodation, tuition fees, living expenses etc.

Be interview ready – Scholarship and bursary interviews can be quite daunting for many people.To reduce this pressure, its recommended to think of some likely questions and how they would be answered.

Know the terms of the award – Find out things like if the finance needs to be reapplied for or it will automatically be renewed, what grades will be needed for the renewal, do you have to pay it back if you withdraw from school or change from full-time to part-time status.

The above tips should go a long way in assisting many prospective and current students.

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