Eduloan, unlocking tertiary education potential

Eduloan, unlocking tertiary education potential

Access to education finance is a sure catalyst to social economic development. This issue is even more important for governments and donors as the world and Africa in particular runs towards achieving education for all by 2015. One institution playing a leading role in this regard is Eduloan.

Eduloan was established in 1996 with a vision of making study finance as affordable as possible and ensure that a large number of individuals who would otherwise not qualify for education finance have the financial means to better their lives through education.

As a registered financial service provider, this firm is a leading education finance specialist operating in Southern Africa. Todate this financing institution has awarded over 720,000 study loans to the value of more than R3.7 billion.

Eduloans offering caters for school, university and college education.This loan has been tailored to cover outstanding balances, registration and exam fees as well as other related study items such as textbooks, accommodation, laptops, tablets and other relevant study equipment.

This loan is flexible and offers low monthly repayments, no deposits or hidden costs, fixed monthly instalments, you only need 4 documents to apply and you are guaranteed of receiving feedback between 48-72 hours, there is no admin involved because the loan is paid directly to the institution, there is no limit to the amount of money one can apply for.The added beauty of this facility is the fact that anyone can apply on your behalf, they just need to be fully employed and be able to meet the instalment criteria.

Eduloan can be contacted on 0860555544.

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