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Private sector funding and contribution to tertiary education in South Africa has increasingly grown over the years. There are many unique scholarships offered by a variety of sources who are keen to invest in higher education. With such a wide array of opportunities, effective management and distribution of these resources and finances is key. One business entity making a difference in this regard is Career Wise Bursary Services

Career Wise is an independent managed organisation which has a national business footprint around South Africa.This firm is involved in offering students a range of potential funding opportunities which allow many students to enter tertiary institutions and pursue their chosen disciplines.This finance is sourced through various partnerships developed with private trusts and foundations.

Closely linked to student bursaries is the Minerals Education Trust Fund.This trust fund was established in the year 2000 with the objective of ensuring sustainable tertiary minerals education in South African higher education institutions.This noble fund makes a contribution by attracting, retaining and developing undergraduate teaching staff at key tertiary departments offering minerals education in the disciplines of Mining and Metallurgical minerals processing engineering as well as geology.

This is achieved by offering salary subventions which aim to bring academic salaries to within a range of 66-80% of salaries being paid in industry. This has gone a long way in returning experienced staff but also encourage others to consider a career in this academic field of work.

Career Wise Bursary Services can be contacted on 0861007787.

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