The 7 benefits of selfishness (Youth help)

The 7 benefits of selfishness (Youth help)

Being selfish is sometimes good, as sometimes we get stuck in a rut of giving and giving so much of ourselves due to being taught that selfishness is bad. So we say yes to things we don’t want to do because we fear being seen as bad.

However sometimes you just have to say ‘no’ as that has great benefits for you, let’s breakdown what they’re:

You matter

Being selfish is knowing that you cannot give anything to others if you’re not taken care of. It’s about knowing that you matter as much as everyone else. Remember you cannot give anything that you don’t have.

Selfishness is good

Good selfishness is equivalent to self-care and not to the detriment of others, as sometimes you need to say no because the alternative is not mentally, physically or emotionally healthy.


As you learn how to be selfish for your own good, you’ll reap rewards for yourself that you never knew existed.


Every time you give back to yourself you are renewing yourself. By being either selfish with your time or resources, you give yourself enough time to renew your mind, body and spirit so not to feel depleted from always saying yes.


Being selfish for your own good creates balance in your life and when you’ve reached a balance you’ll know because you’ll be giving what feels comfortable, and not resentful about giving.

 Less stress

Self-care is important to prevent stress-related conditions such as illness and burnout.


People will learn your boundaries and not try to push past them. Being selfish is about honouring one’s self, which is important because we teach other people how to treat us.

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