Advantages of attending private school in South Africa

Advantages of attending private school in South Africa

South Africa’s education sector is a healthy mix of public and private learning institutions. Government has deliberately put in place policies that promote the participation of private entities and entrepreneurs in the construction and running of private school.

The growing demand for private schools and ongoing challenges in public education system including poor governance, lack of infrastructure, shortages of teachers and many others present a golden opportunity for more private schools. For alot of people, there is always a lingering question of why private schools are seemingly viewed as more superior. Below are some of the advantages of attending private schools.

– Private schools often have a more challenging academic curriculum.

– Some are religious based schools and can provide regular religious classes.

– Private schools have the benefit of much smaller classes which means teachers can give better individual attention.

– Private schools often have better success to resources like books, supplies and computers.

– Discipline in private schools is usually a lot stricter. If there are children that disrupt classes or ignore rules, they are more likely to be expelled from the school.

– Private schools are more traditional.This teaches pupils to value traditions and uphold these beliefs.

– Children that attend private schools often have a more established network after school through the alumni association.

With the stated reasons above, private schools surely provide value for money.

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