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Foodbev SETA Bursary programme 2015

You might have passed your metric examinations but was never offered a place to study at any local university and college simply because you can’t afford to pay for your studies; but that doesn’t mean it’s an end to your dreams because Foodbev SETA is inviting prospective first year and postgraduate full time, unemployed students who enrolled at university for the 2015 academic year to apply for study bursaries which

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ABB Supply Chain Management Graduate Internship opportunity

We often dream to be part of big firms that are globally known thus we pride ourselves when we work with companies whose influence is known in every part of the world. Such is ABB, a global leader and automation technology company founded in 1883; the company’s years of existence are no doubt a reflection of its experience within the IT industry.

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SA Mint Apprenticeship Programme 2015

SA Mint Apprenticeship Getting seated home doing nothing when you know you passed your metric is such a bad idea for your career. This is the time to chase for your dream career and choose what best suits your metric results and yourself.

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BMW Apprenticeship programme 2015

South Africa has one of the biggest economies in Africa which supports a big motor industry. The number of cars in South Africa is a true reflection of how big the motor industry is; the size of this industry means that a number of people in South Africa are employed by this sector.

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SABMiller: Maintenance Learnership Programme 2015

South Africa has one of the highest per capita alcohol consumption figures in the world; that on its own means the country’s alcohol industry is big. The size of this sector calls for big machinery and human capital which is required in the manufacturing of alcohol. The industry has some of the biggest manufacturing companies whose machinery requires the attention of trained and skilled people.

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Shoprite Bursary programmes 2015

South Africa boasts of a big retail industry which contributes much to economy of the country; as such, the industry is characterized by giant retail stores which employ people within different departments. These stores require qualified people to man those departments and this can be achieved if these retail stores financially involve themselves in the learning process students through funding programmes that are affiliated to the retail industry.

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Blue Education Loans

Blue Education Loans – unlocking potential through education Access to education is a fundamental human right. South Africa’s outstanding constitution stipulates this. While more individuals are getting educated, many are struggling to keep up with the associated costs. Numerous individuals need assistance in the form of finance to secure their children’s future. Recent studies have indicated that annual education increases in South Africa are exceeding salary increments by far. It’s

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Engen Analytical Chemistry In-Service Traineeship Opportunities

Are you dreaming for leanership opportunities as an Analytical Chemistry In-Service Trainee?  Engen Petroleum, a South African oil and gas company is running such a traineeship programme to equip learners so that they are able to carry out specialized analysis in support of the production teams and supporting problem solving, continuous improvement initiatives and training.

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Oprah Academy Scholarship 2015

Are you a girl or boy who dreams to be part of the Oprah Academy Scholarship? If so, the academy has an opportunity for you, the programme has been designed for intelligent students in South Africa.

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